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Children’s Fabric Designs by Abi Hall

Children's Fabric Designs by Abi Hall

Another whimsical children's fabric design by Abi Hall - Hello Sunshine!

Abi Hall is a British fabric designer for Moda Fabrics known for her carefree children’s fabric designs. Now living in Ireland, the garden in Abi’s new home served as inspiration for this latest collection, which features a mixture of joyful motifs including bumblebees, rainbows, stars, cherries, and toadstools.

When taking in the host of happy faces throughout the characters in the collection, you’ll soon discover that you really can’t help but smile yourself.

The colours in Hello Sunshine are uplifting and summery, with added neutrals for balance. You’ll find bright teal, yellow, green and an apple red alongside a more neutral grey and white.

Sewing suggestions for Hello Sunshine

Moda fabric collections are generally released in varying scales and size of print. But Abi Hall’s Hello Sunshine is made up of a mix of ditsy prints that are perfect for cutting into tiny pieces for patchwork. Because the designs are so whimsical and joyful, these would be fantastic for:

  • nursery decor
  • kids laundry bags
  • pencil cases
  • lunch bags
  • floor mats
  • children’s quilts