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True North Canadian Fabric Collection

True North Canadian Fabric Collection – TrendTex Fabrics

Canadian Fabric Collection, True North by Kate & Birdie


Exclusive to Canada! It’s an honour to be able to supply the True North and True North 2 Canadian fabric collections.

Celebrate the Great Canadian Outdoors

These two collections of Canadiana celebrate our home and native land in a way that’s playful and appealing to many tastes. The plaid fabrics reminiscent of shirting, Canada Geese, and camping-themed designs in these collections all celebrate our great outdoors, and are subtle enough for a variety of gender-neutral uses. And of course you’ll find a smattering of maple leaves throughout, too!

Designer Gloria Wall

With this Kate & Birdie collection, Winnipeg-based designer Gloria Wall says she wanted to capture the beauty of Canada while avoiding seasonality in order to add versatility: “I thought of our landscape from west to east, connecting our mountain ranges, our vast and beautiful lakes of the Canadian Shield, and our iconic lighthouses of the east.”

Sewing Suggestions for True North Fabric Collections

Gloria says she imagines these fabrics in our homes, campsites and cottages, and hopes they will be lovingly sewn into comforting quilts, blankets or bedding. The prints will look fantastic sewn up in traditional and historical patterns as a sampler quilt or repeating one block.

You might try a simple nine-patch or log cabin, too—but for these True North fabrics, what could be more appropriate than the Bear Paw block?

Whatever you choose to make, projects made with these collections will be sure to be heirlooms for years to come.